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    Low-Cost @Home Biomarker-Guided Medical Diagnostic Self-Tests

  • Transforming healthcare from reactive and hospital-centered to preventative, proactive, and person-centered

  • About Us

    Bringing healthcare directly to you


    Too many recently discharged patients quickly end up back in the hospital


    We aim to reduce insurance costs and hospital re-admission rates by providing recently discharged patients with rapid and low-cost biomarker-guided medical diagnostic self-tests that can easily and routinely be performed in the patient’s home to help better manage their immediate and more demanding post-discharge healthcare needs

  • Our Team

    Tempe, AZ

    Karen Anderson, MD, PhD

    Co-Founder, CEO

    Physician Scientist

    Medical Oncologist and Immunologist with 20+ years clinical biomarker and assay development

    Jennifer Blain Christen, PhD

    Co-Founder, COO​

    Microfluidics and Electronics Design

    Ching-Wen (Sandy) Hou, Ph.D.

    Primary Investigator, Senior Scientist

    Post-Doc Researcher

    Virginia G. Piper Center for Personalized Diagnostics

    Sivakumar (Siva) Palaniswamy,

    Primary Investigator,, Research Professional

    Research Professional at ASU BioDesign

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  • Publications

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